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Providing a cloud based website design and host solution, design and host your website with Twelixty.

A Peer to Peer decentralized cloud based design and host service!

Stay tuned to learn more about our future together full of decentralized community owned web hosting that is owned by it's members and not a single greedy corporation. Everything is allowed to be hosted, there are no guarantees and there are no promises outside of the promise that the system is well designed, load balanced and highly flexible.

Due to recent events with a certain law that extended protections to online content providers being terminated illegally by the dictator of the USA, we decided to decentralize our system and give the controls to our users. Users who wish to host content (and get paid for it) will be able to either connect to a web page where a websocket connection is established to the network or they can download our Node.js app on their Windows or Linux based PC or even run it on any Android 6+ device through an app called Termux, also very easily! Every host who connects to the service at least 7 days out of every 30 will be paid an equal share of any profits the service has made from donations and setup fees.

The Legal Stuff

This service is provided completely as-is with no warranties expressed or implied due to the service being hosted by it's member base and considering also that it is pay what you want model. You waive all rights to legal action against Twelixty LLC and it's users by using this service. Twelity and it's users will not track you or collect any information beyond that of the very basic registration form, this service is annomous in nature and collects no data other than a valid email address you provide which is solely used for account based communications and automated alerts from the service. You understand that as a user of the service you will be a defendant against any legal actions you take against the service as the service is user owned and managed and you your self are a user of the service. If you don't like the service simply stop paying and leave the service, there is no obligations to remain with the service. All payments made including setup fees are non-refundable, all transactions are final. Any payment made toward the service beyond any inital setup fee is considered a donation to the service and is not required but a minimum payment of $2.00 is required in order to cover costs of transaction fees (otherwise nothing would be left from what you donated to help much), this money is distributed evenly across all users who provide hosting resources. All data stored on this service is encrypted using RSA 256-bit to help protect your website contents and the service rotates encryption methods so to protect against reverse engineered data tampering by it's host users.